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MyCashFreebies F.A.Q.


US Home Work Force, established in early 2012, is partnered with MyCashFreebies, which was established in early 2010. MyCashFreebies, is a freebie Incentive network that has paid out millions and millions of dollars to people just like you! US Home Work Force has helped over 12,000 earn money online over the last two years. You can refer friends on *Clash of Clans or from virtually anywhere on the Internet from places such as Facebook, Craigslist etc. and earn money from referrals that earn 1 credit on our MyCashFreebies freebie incentive networks.


A Note For International Affliates


These are the ONLY countries that will have offers: United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, France, New Zealand, Spain, Germany, Norway, Sweden, and Denmark.


We can work with people in 191 countries. Those not listed in these countries will not have offers available to them, and will have to forfeit one referral to their sponsor to get green / qualified. Their first referral that earns 1 credit, helps them to qualify. The person that referred the international affiliate will earn the money from their first qualified referrals completion.

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Step 1: Qualify on MCF 20, which qualifies you to earn $20 per referral

Step 2: Qualify on MCF 30, which qualifies you to earn an additional $30 per referral

Step 3: Create a free USHWF Account, which is a very powerful and robust lead management / marketing system. Your USHWF Account includes, over 100 capture / landing pages, professionally written auto responder sequences, and much more

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Step two is optional. You only need to qualify on ONE of our MCF networks in order to qualify for a free USHWF membership. The purpose of Step 2, is to maximize your earning potential here at US Home Work Force. With MyCashFreebies 20 you earn $20 per referral. With MyCashFreebies 30 you earn an additional $30 per referral. That is a total of $50 per referral that earns 1 credit on both sites. You must qualify on both MCF 20 and MCF 30 in order to get paid on both networks.


If you choose not to qualify on MyCashFreebies 30, your referrals will be redirected to another person’s MCF 30 page here on US Home Work Force, that is qualified to earn money on MCF 30. You do not want to miss out on that extra income! Let's review your signup options available to you today:


Option 1: Earn 1 credit on MCF 20, and earn $20 per referral.


Option 2: Earn 1 credit on BOTH MCF 20 and MCF 30 and earn $50 per referral that earns 1 credit on both networks, and potentially earn up to $297 when your referrals choose to upgrade to one of our optional USHWF Club Memberships when they create an account during Step 3. Again, if you are not qualified on MCF 30, another person that is qualified on MCF 30 will be given that opportunity to earn those commissions.


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